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If you want to register for roguex go to -> www.Roguex-gaming.net <- Is the official Runescape Private server 100% Awesome!! Anyways liike alot of people dont like pirates. I DONT. but i like dressing like a pirate on this makesya look kinda kewl i guess if you lvl 3 or whatever lvl cuz i mean u dont have to buy so much crap. The prices for things are getting high tho so i just birate crap for like 100coins and do lost city quest and get 100k weapon (Dagger) and just kill things no kewl armor needed (Inless your pking). Anyways this is just for non-combat skills inless u want to dress up like a pirate for combat-skill and non-combat skill good luck with that then rofl.
Hopeya Have fun!! Also tellya friends about this clan willya? Contact me if you wanna be a member. Oh and if your wondering why it says "Rogue" pirates is because alot of rogues use daggers and daggers kinda look kewl but u can choose whatever weapon. U "can" wear santa hat, it matches good. DRESSING AS RED OR BLUE IS ACCEPTABLE. sorry for like alot of stuff ant done obviously but itll be finished 2-3 months and u guys will enjoy it Promise. but no prices for items will not be posted, reason is there always changing dramaticly high

VenomKey - Currently hacked no worrys i only had 2 99s and was 86 in 3 days =C

Explosion - Is my new character i suggest you add him hes like noobish i just started on him -.-

RoguePirates Clan!! The only thing u got to do is wear pirate crap on non-combat skills!!!
Red or Blue pirate costume is acceptable.
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